Head Start Parent of the Year

This award celebrates our most important partner, parents.  Individuals nominated must be enrolled in the current year and have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. Award winner will receive $500 and a commemorative plaque. The first runner-up will receive $200 and a commemorative plaque. The second runner-up will receive $100 and a commemorative plaque.

Award specific criteria:

  • The nominee must be a Head Start parent during the 2013-2014 program year. 
  • The nominee must hold a position of leadership on a site council, parent or policy council, state, regional or national association. 
  • The nominee must submit two letters of reference from people who can verify your work as a leader in Head Start, volunteer service, and/or community activities. Letters will be judged by specific information and rated on their overall effectiveness. The letters should be no more than one typewritten page each. Applications without two references will not be considered for this award. (20 points) 
  • The nominee must submit responses for each of the following categories, in their entirety.
    1. Special contributions: Describe activities contributed by the parent to the local program or in role as leader. (20 points)
    2. Accomplishments and/or activities related to the continuous personal and career development of the parent. (30 points)
    3. Personal goals: The applicant should write a statement of personal goals no more than 200 words in length. (30 points)

NHSA general rules and regulations

  • All scholarship and award applications must reflect services contributed during the program year from August 2013 through June 2014.
  • Applicant must be associated with a program that is a current member of NHSA. States and Regional Associations participating in scholarships and awards review and recommendation must hold a NHSA Affiliate Membership. Membership status will be verified by NHSA; non-member applications will not be considered.
  • An individual may not be nominated for more than one scholarship or award per year.
  • Local member programs may not nominate more than one person or program per category.
  • Applications must be submitted on-line. All criteria for an award or scholarship must be met. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Individuals selected awards or scholarships must be able to provide a Social Security number and other required information to redeem cash awards.
  • Applicant must be willing to allow NHSA to publicize their nomination through a variety of media channels including annual publications and websites.
  • Scholarship and award winners are invited to attend the awards ceremony which will be held during NHSA's 42nd Annual Head Start Conference in April 2015. NHSA is not responsible for housing, transportation, or other expenses associated with attending the awards ceremony. Programs or regions are responsible for all travel and accommodations.
  • Nominees, their program directors, and their regional presidents will be contacted primarily by e-mail.
  • NHSA Scholarship and Award winners serve as models and ambassadors for the Head Start Community. During their year, winners will be encouraged to share successful strategies with others during NHSA conferences, institutes and gatherings.
  • NHSA board members, staff, and family members are ineligible.